Friday, September 10, 2010


Everyone's talking about Aisam-Ul-Haq. 

It amuses and saddens me at the same time.

A common man's jumma prayers tomorrow will probably be for a victory for Aisam. I feel happy because after a long long long time we, as a nation, have something to feel proud of. 

My heart feels a little heavy because ever since I can remember, we've always been brought up to rank cricket above everything else. Any other sport, even if it is hockey, our national sport comes after cricket. Even if that very sport leads us to be termed as a corrupt nation. We still carry the love for cricket in our blood. Maybe many of those who actually follow tennis know him but for me, the common citizen, who was raised with the ABC of cricket and just cricket, it was news.

The guy has been playing professionally since 1998, won many competitions and other things that his Wikipedia page mentions and yet its only after 12 years that we see him as of any importance to the nation. Tennis shall only hit headlines in this country when either Sania Mirza decides to marry Shoaib Malik or now when Aisam's in the finals.

This undermining, bias and just sheer ignorance of the talent within our country is holding us back from reaching the sky. We are a nation filled with skill, talent and most of all dreams, which given a chance can make us an enviable land. But its just that our importance only shows when we are about to make our nation look good in the international media.

All i can say is that i really hope he wins because that would just be the perfect eidee for the nation.

Peace :)

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