Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From the benches.

The juniors strutted in today, with their big smiles and perfect hair for their first day.
A few bitch looks here and there. A few we returned a few we ignored.
Air kissing everywhere.
And giggling. How old are you? 12? -__-
Faces that looked at you and turned away because they didn't want the seniors to notice them.
And faces which i just didn’t like much. I think i already hate a few of them.

Even though i have no extreme attachment to my school, it was still my turf since a year. I didnt have to look around for an empty bench or stand till someone called out loud to come to a bench.

So i sat there, on one bench all day. Because the benches are sacred. They determine classes. The seniors and the juniors.

It felt weird.

Maybe because I couldn’t rag them.

But really, it was just because I couldn’t remember my first day. 

I felt a sudden urge to rewind back. Something hit me from inside, because my first day was only a year ago. If that could be forgotten to easily then what will I remember when I leave?

Ambivalence. Right there. This feeling in my stomach. I think that's where my actual, real feelings are or maybe it was just the fries i ate =/

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