Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flick, already!

For some odd reason i thought that after turning 18, my life would magically change. Like Cinderella's! Once the slipper fits she'd be living the perfect life! But I'm still the same. Although, with softer hair because of the eggs smashed on my head. But, nevertheless, I am still the same.

The week before the birthday was shit.
The week after was shit.
And probably the weeks after this week will be shit too.
And now i could list a million things that went wrong. A week before "my big day" to today, a week after it.

But i wont. Because the day that mattered the most was awesome.

I had 3 cakes, 3 different sets of friends all with me that day and everything seemed so perfect!

But when the night ended it really didn't seem like anything was different. And the celebration of turning 18 seemed insignificant.

I was Cinderella in my head again, not wearing the slipper now. Just the clock striking midnight. My cart and horses turned back into a pumpkin and rats.

The bottom line is, one day cant change your life. Turning 18 wont flick a switch in my brain. Even though i really want something to flick.. 

I need my stars to seriously stop vacationing now and come to the rescue when i need them.

So God. Please flick that switch. Soon? Please?


  1. haha, birthdays are a part of your regular life. If your going through a shit period, your birthday doesnt make it any better. Wish it did though, it'd be nice.

    3 cakes it waay too much. unless they are choc. that's deemed acceptably awesome.

    There is no switch. Incidentally, Edison failed thousands of times before he got the right formula for a lightbulb.

  2. The cakes were chocolate, of course. That part of the birthday was awesome! ^.^

    18th shouldve felt a little better. Oh well, its gone now. Im hoping for the year to be awesome-r

    My light bulb's filament has got some issues. It will light up soon i hope

    Thanks for reading Alpha :)