Thursday, October 27, 2011


So this space has been neglected since a few months.. The guilt does come up at times when i read other blogs but then I quickly log off so that the urge to write about two months of my life goes away. But i think the whole caught up in a new country and in a city that only predominantly communicates in French and then getting here a month late with midterms is a valid excuse to be away. 

Not justifying leaving my baby here. But you get what im saying right? 

Its been tough. The cold, the newness and then the readings. I miss home. I miss the system and most of all.. I miss the dependency. Its just so unnerving to like not being able to call the car when my class gets done..

Actually, what am i saying? 

I love it. 

What i love the most is the fact that i can actually be who i want to be and whenever i want to be. College is a funny place. Nobody looks at what you're wearing, whether you've had time to brush your hair before class or what music is blasting from your headphone to or how tall your coffee mug is when your face clearly shows no sleep for days. 

I can wear my flashy wayfarers and t-shirts with bands i dont even listen and to be a hipster one day or i can boot-up and catwalk my way into class or on some early days just sneak into class quietly with my pajamas. 

And trust me, its actually relieving to know that nobody would stare. 

Montreals my home now. Whether it be minus 30 or sunny like it was today. Although i cant wait to go back. This feels like mine. 

Ive missed you, bloggy. I'll be back soon.