Friday, August 17, 2012


"Wear your jacket. Dany's in five."

Its not a question, its not an invite. Its always a statement.

The after midnight meal I became used to looking forward to on most days i ate early. Halal pepperoni pizza.

Not that it made a difference. Im more of a eat all but pork type. Its not a religious thing. Pigs eat their own shit. So im eating their shit. Which is grossly unappetizing.

Thin crispy crust and the extra fries from the Allie on weekdays if we reached almost before closing. Its made me gain the freshman fifty. Yes, fifty. Not fifteen as the rest of them college kids.

Kinda miss Montreal now that I'm home. This is good food. Not the stuff i got used to eating there.

Getting food whenever I want isn't a problem there, I'm hoping I just don't get used to getting 'good' food whenever I want to. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


To put this life into words seems easy. When you sit down to do it you cant remember why you sat down to write about it at first. 

You dont remember the day you were brought into the world. Yet everyone around you does. They laugh and scream and want a piece of you. You're never actually a part of it. 

And nobody will remember your last day except you. They'll mourn and cry. But they'll never be a part of it.

 Its messed up, isn't it?

The day your life starts you dont know, and the day it ends nobody else knows.