Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A fragment..

So I've been wanting to do this for quite a while now. Get a place where I could really write as much as I want to and about what I want.. And finally I've run out of excuse to put before this. 

I'm your average 18 year old. With not so average dreams and aspirations. I'm loud, aggressive, crazy and mean. I have my days. I would scream, fight, throw my tantrums around and feel as if the worlds crashing around me. But then I'd have better days when i wake up on the right side of the bed and have a good hair day and life would seem perfect!

Oh and one more thing, (This could be taken as a warning, but I've been told that i can be too full of myself at times, so beware.)
I love me. I really do. The whole of my 5ft 3in, 60kg!

I'm a non-conformist. And a very proud one. I am all that I've been asked not to be. I cant follow rules so well. If my teachers are reading this, i never understood compliance and i doubt i ever will.

The reason for starting this blog is to see is it really a "jinn in my head" or there are others who think like me.. Its not common for me to come across people who think like i do and when i do come across more from my side of the universe i become curious to find out how many more of us there might be.. Then i also wonder, how many people are thinking like this? o_O
"So if you are out there... please you are not alone"

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