Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Am i really smarter than a fifth grader?

So my neighbor and i are pretty chill. He's the only kid my age in my building and the only one who can take my bullshit on the intercom. So basically, he's like my boi. Yes, boi because 'boy' doesnt sound the same. Oh yeah, this is Ali :)

A year or more ago came into my house a Playstation 2. My daddy very lovingly brought for my sister and  little did he know, my Chinese tv would never accept the Japanese leads to be plugged into it. Talk about economic-technological rivalry o_O

So my Playstation's dabba was finally opened and plugged onto his tv. (which btw, was Japanese. National solidarity much?  -__-  ) I failed at two player Need for Speed, Snowboarding and all these other weird games he had. And he opened the packet of games that my dad also brought for with it. And out of that came an "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" cd. I challenged him to play, not thinking he'd ever be up for it, but just to hide my embarrassment of owning games like that. (technically if its my sister's, i dont own it right? =/ I hope not)

We played that game for almost 2 hours realizing that his 3As and my 2As and a B really dont matter when it comes to simple staments of true and false about "something carbondioxide something something"

At that point i understood, grades are not really everything in life. To study the text from every book related to your course seems stupid now. This genius neighbor, who gets an A in physics and chemistry couldn't figure out answers to questions about levers and the periodic table.. After getting about more than half of those questions wrong and making a fool out of ourselves, we decided that we really arent as smart as our grades may suggest.

What him, most of us stuck in this age and I are, is just a part of a mass produce of millions that this counrty, and many others are making. Being smart to pass really doesnt seem like a good idea now. Laughing continously on our stupidity reminded me of what 3 Idiots suggested, study to achieve excellence not to be successful. And yeah, we're all running after something that would come to us if we study to learn, rather than study to get those As. If a straight A kid in his 13th year of schooling cannot answer a fifth grade question, its just sad what we all are aiming at in life.


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  1. inspiring, i must say. wish more ppl thought like u