Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dusty Weekend

Last months rotmun research finally found its use in my general essay. I felt like killing myself during those two hours that i sat there. Because using your 'research' for general is the lowest low one could have. It took me a month to get all those facts in order so i would get to go to Harvard MUN. 

But i guess thats where it was actually supposed to be used. I should really get over it now. 

Never again am i using nuclear, non-proliferation, Iran and Israel in one sentence -__-

All i can think of is how new year is gonna fall during Moharram. Not that i will wear black and head to the majlises. But its just gonna be a bad new year.

And its getting a weird sort of cold these days. My house is cold. The smell of winter is halfway here. But its not the cold i like. I go out wearing a hoodie and by the time i reach where im supposed to its not cold anymore.  

Im guessing i have to wait another couple of weeks so i can sip coffee all day without my mom screaming.

Midterms in a week, I havent even touched my books. 
I dont think im cool that way.

Yet another unproductive weekend.

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