Monday, October 22, 2012

We learn to hate before we learn to love. At least thats what I feel.

A child cries at his birth because we steal from him the world he knew for so long and put him in a place he does not know, a place where he may be safer and grow and conceive a child of his own. Yet, he isn't safe. Not at his birth and not at his death. Because the world isn't a safe place. Theres too much hate.

Is it even possible to learn to hate? What is hate? How do we collect that rage that boils inside us, enough to annihilate the universe and label it to be hate?

We realize the monstrosity inside us and let it hold us tight without a fight. The unknown existence of it is buried deep in the layers in our hearts and the realization pushes it to the surface. The bubble of our sanity bursts all around us engulfing everyone who surrounds us and everyone who cares and everyone who just wants to do good. But does anyone really want to do any good?

God made man in his own image. Yet we are no gods in our existences. We fight, we burn, we cry and we never think good for others. Self motivated. Manipulative. Self centered.

If there is a God, which at times i do hope there is, he wouldn't have made us like this would he?

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  1. I think its just the money things and materialistic attitude has done to us. We dont find any benefit in giving love to others and we know hating them and doing all those negative things would help us as worldly benefit as cheating others. So we are after money and lust. God made us pure and told us to remain pure. When we cant see the love of GOD and cant respect that, we would then do things which we are doing now a days.