Tuesday, November 15, 2011

College life. Y u no b easy?

Im sitting at the library. Choosing to write about how i dont have a topic to write about rather than finding a topic to write about and not write about not having a topic to write about and writing on that topic.

So exactly how does one decide on a topic out of a gazillion? With about like a billion books published on everything that socio has to offer.. Im stuck reading a book that would be easy for my sister to even understand. Who by the way is 14 and is not at all a socio person. But im here without a clue how to stretch a topic over 10 pages with 4 "scholarly"* references. 

*Who is not a scholar these days? 
Amir Liaquat called himself a scholar. Look where that got him :P


  1. Hahahaha. Fucking amir liaquat yaar.

  2. Hey! You have sociology ? :D


  3. Hahah mann. Liaquat Sahab bahut aagey nikal gaye hain..
    Yusss! I am doing honours in Socio hopefully.. Provided i dont run out of credits :P