Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bold and Beautiful.

I got whispered at in the elevator by a man really politely that i should wear that shirt with dress pants, it would accentuate my gorgeous lower body. Never had i known what accentuating the lower body meant, but when i did try it on. Oh man. I knew what accentuating my lower body meant. And also, that someone as fat as me could even have a gorgeous lower body. I mean seriously. I've never thought twice about putting clothes on. And i think i've used accentuate enough.

Effeminate men made me uncomfortable.

I would put them in the same category as aunties at weddings with their plates full, big upper bodies coming to hug (read: suffocate) you and when i have to go to the "ladies room" and there are another 10 girls already there not wanting to use it for its actual purpose but to stare and glare...

This isnt a bitching or anything discriminatory but its just a thought.

Maybe i used to get so uncomfortable is because it wasnt so common in my society, then the issue of a language barrier (the one i face with most girls) and then just seeing them do their thing.

I see my prez strutting down the caf stairs and i say to myself, man, that guy really has some guts. I would never be able to be that confident and showing the world who i really am. He's bold. He's daring. And he's actually not full of himself. By far, at my rez, he has been the most welcoming and warm person ive met. 

Now, i look at effeminate men and i see a way for me to be bolder. Believe it or not, its just really overwhelming to see them carrying themselves off better than most women. Their sense of style, talk and most of all their elegance. 

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