Sunday, December 12, 2010

So i thought my math was bad -__-

All i did this weekend was watch TV.. And by watching i mean flipping channels and here and there stopping at every Indian channel to hear a cry of agony about some one's plastic surgery face change or some vamps crazy tactic too woo the protagonist or just a hayee about some "masoom bechari larki ka badluck" and Cinderella type stepsisters ka 'atyachaar' (which BTW means cruelty). 


So anyhooooo. 
During all this flipping i came across this really intelligent commercial...  

Yaar, dekho naaa!

I know i never managed to do well in math. The 3 years i wasted on it, is my life's biggest fail. 

So basically. I'm a leeetul concerned here. 

Is it that i didn't pass because i knew my tables or didn't?

Whats a bigger fail than my 3 years on math, is this STUPID advertisement! 

Its literally making me cry at the B that i managed. I mean i am SOO fricking glad that my teacher knew that 3 times 3 is not 3. Or is it? o_O

I have nothing against this because its an Indian commercial or anything, their ads are kick-ass most of the time. But this is simply ridiculous.

The plot has a kid who wants long hair like a girl standing near by. The mother thinks growing hair has got something to do with a stay-at-home mom. Then the kid is all sad. And then, out of probably a 100 kids in that mall, the girl with long hair, turns out to be her teacher's daugher.

(Alright fine, thats not so bad. i mean its better than their usual double roles and crazy re-incarnations =P)

And then the crazy mind boggling math which is worse than my crazy calculus in A level.

So now the bitching.

Okay we understand that the new woman is about all corporate-y stuff, but hey, you CAN take time out to check once day if your kids have showered, cant you?

Im all on for women holding crazy important jobs and the fact that we need to be liberated from our family duties, the children and other things. But if you can roam around in a mall then you can surely work on improving your hair condition. And no mother says no to that. And in this day and age, everyone is aware of the products available, especially the woman who is not confined to the house at all.

So plot base. Teeeeeeeeeeeeent. FAIL.

But the maaaaaain issue is the math.

I mean a teacher is telling her student that 3 into 3 doesnt give 9 but rather 3? Okay too many numbers. Braaaainfreeeeeze.

Anyway, so the whole idea of a teacher being the saviour.
Lol. In your face.

The whole idea of an advertisement is to make the consumer aware of your products 'qualities'. We understand that youre able to help grow hair 3cm every 3 months but why would i buy your product at the expense of my intelligence?

The only thing which I really like about this ad is the shiny hair. 

Congratulations, Clinic Plus. You have succeeded in making the dumber..  oh sorry, how rude. The less than average intelligent children and a few illiterate mothers to drag their bums to their nearest store and grab a bottle of this magic 3x3=3 potion.

I wonder if the bigger sized bottle makes 6x6=6?

Okay so i think i should put this here before they take me to court or something:

I do not own this video. Its courtesy of youtube. 

Which is just second to Google btw. 
But I'm saving that post for later ;)


  1. Incidentally, I like the way you have structured your site, it is super and very easy to follow. I have bookmarked you and will be back regularly. Thank you


  2. Hello! Thanks alot for the feedback! Means alott :)

  3. Man! thats some research and analysis on a stupid ad!
    I am an Indian and I am highly offended!

    just kidding. :p
    There are so many stupid ads floating on TV these days, sometimes it gets so annoying that I feel like punching them on the face thru the TV..

    The TV in India is crap, shit serial, shit ads, shit reality shows, shit news.

    Also Google owns youtube.